This lift's for You, Mom...

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  1. "Overhead Press...because she carried us on her shoulders for 18 years." - Javier Ibarra
  2. "Deadlift - for always picking my shit up." - Laura Shum
  3. "No lift, but all the accessory work necessary to make all of my meals for me all the way through college." - Daniel J Sanidad
  4. "Squat, because I was a huge pain in her ass growing up!" - Chris Hartman
  5. "Squat. When life keeps you down, you can still come up." - Larry Brown
  6. "Heavy zercher squats, because I have an idea what giving birth is like." - Melvin Newman
  7. "Deadlift, because she has given me the strength to pick right back up when things get tough." - Ben Drexl
  8. "High rep back squats, because no matter how bad these suckers get, I know they're nothing compared to what I've put her through." - Leon Robotham
  9. "Box squat, for me crushing her while sitting on her when she would sing me to sleep, beyond the point I was way too old and too heavy." - Cody Axon
  10. "Squat - because throughout my childhood, she was the one who carried the weight on her back - of keeping family together." - Kristopher Freedain
  11. "Deadlift, because she's dead and when I found out she was sick and dying, I used the gym and deadlifts as my release valve for all of my emotions." - Abraham Hernandez
  12. "Squats, because their her favorite exercise, since she can squat more than most men. And I'm thinking Fat Gripz for Mother's Day, she has been having grip issues." - Levi Huguley
  13. "Deads, because she has always helped me through a sticking point - no matter what it is." - Ryan Mac
  14. "Deadlift, because the first part of my life she picked up my lazy ass and taught me that I have to fight for everything I get and that nothing can break me unless I let it!" - Foster Collins
  15. "The preacher curl." - Richard Douglas
  16. "The twenty-rep trap bar deadlift set that I'm doing tomorrow to replicate the difficulty of labor." - Pete Price
  17. "Reverse hypers... females have a lot of lower back issues so I would chose reverse hypers light weight high reps." - Jeff Johnston
  18. "The deadlift, because it used to be called the life lift and she gave me Life..." - Anthony Campo
  19. "Squats." - Julius Hollis
  20. "The tire flip. She came to visit, and I got a pic of her pretending to attempt the flip. She loves that picture." - Christopher Loop
  21. "One-arm dumbbell rows, because it's my strongest lift." - Dylan Ford
  22. "Reverse hypers for sure and pull ups." - Aldis Ulrych
  23. "The squat, it's the only one I'm good at." - Chris Hartschuh
  24. "Prowler....perfect cougar companion." - Matthew Sykes
  25. "Barbell complex - because she puts me through hell, but I gain so much more from it." - Chris Tung
  26. "Flexibility work. Because you don't always notice what she does for you, but she saves your ass and helps you more than you realize." - Mike Gipson
  27. "My deadlift." - Jake Internski
  28. "Dumbbell lunges because my legs get just as sore as when she would take me shopping with her." - Ryan Hargraves
  29. "Kettlebell LongCycle, since you have to demonstrate dedication, patience and endurance. Qualities she taught me." - Harald Hofer
  30. "Bench press because its a love/hate relationship." - Chris Hannel
  31. "Squat. It's the foundation!" - Adam Smith
  32. "Deadlift, because it's the best I have." - Jesse Noell
  33. "Deadlift for sure." - Gareth Cranmer
  34. "Kick backs. Because they're really dumb and my mom would laugh and call it dumb too... she's awesome like that." - Ryan Messmer
  35. "My neck harness because I like having a bigger neck than my brother, who also loves my mom." - P.J. Vallier

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