elitefts™ Sunday Edition

Harry Selkow strolled into Columbus, Ohio this April in his usual fashion: shoeless. With callused feet and a handful of chalk ready to Selkow-approve every woman in his path, he presented for elitefts™. He covers everything regarding his trademark training philosophy, “Train like a Linebacker, Eat like a Bodybuilder.”

He discusses:

  • (2:35) Reasons people start training
  • (4:45) Selkow’s background
  • (8:18) Becoming a linebacker through programming; which program is best?
  • (12:35) Variables to work with when designing a program
  • (18:30) Breaking the rule of “fit”
  • (20:28) Why train like a linebacker?
  • (22:20) How Harry designs yearly programming at Combat Sports Academy
  • (34:00) Basic daily session layout
  • (38:00) How to combine mobility and conditioning
  • (41:00) Training philosophy guidelines
  • (43:30) Question and answer session