Turning Japanese

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I am on a constant quest to get my clients, family, and friends to read more. I am not sure why I have such an interest in others people’s success, but I do know that the more I read, the more I learn. And the more I learn, the more information I have to then apply to my training and to the training of my clients.

A lot of people are not aware that Louie went through enormous efforts to have some of the Russian texts translated into English so that he could learn their methods. Louie did not simply create the strongest gym on the planet by lifting weights and hoping for the best. Do you know what Louie did? He read. Then, he applied, re-read, then applied again. And he repeated this process over and over.

I also recall a conversation with Dave Tate in which he was telling me that if you want to really master a topic, in our case strength training, then you need to re-read a few of the very best topics on the subject. You need to re-read them over and over again until they become a part of you and you know them inside and out.

Another reason I love learning so much is because it separates the fakers from the ‘real deal.' Notice I said learning now instead of reading. Even if a person manages to crack open his or her book (studies show that over 80% of books bought are gifts, and the ones people buy on their own are most often never even opened), is he or she writing things down and contemplating them? Or is he or she just using rote memorization? There is nothing worse in my mind than a pseudo-trainer who reads a magazine or memorizes some dumb fact and then has to spread his gospel to everyone within earshot at the gym.

Usually, my first thought with these people is, "have they ever been to Japan?" Why that question? Because they are the type of people that will tell you everything about Japan without ever having been there. You can’t experience Japan through a book, you must go there, live there, and absorb the culture. And if you want Japanese citizenship, you must stay there a number of years and pass a citizen’s test, I imagine. (Much like you would have to do in the United States). My point is, if want to be shredded, jacked, strong as hell, have super human speed, etc., then you must either find the masters in those areas or take it into your own hands and apply, apply, apply. Reading does nothing without application. And without the learning, there is nothing to apply. Become obsessive about your health, your body, and learn everything there is to know about it. In doing so, you will be able to chop your goals down one by one.  And please, no corny ‘I think I’m turning Japanese’ lines from that '80s song. And remember, you can’t become an expert by reading a column in a monthly magazine. Experts know the big picture, fakers nit pick…you decide which one you want to be.

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