You might be asking why I'm posting this?

A better question would be how many of them will be posted?

The answers are simple.

They will ALL be posted (all 33 parts - over 5 hours) and I'm doing it because even after 12 years I feel this information will make you stronger than you ever imagined.



Part 5


Marketing Text

NOTE: This is the original text used to market this seminar.

The Tour de Force Seminar brings the best of the "Force Training" and "Advanced Force Training Seminar" to a variety of cities across the USA. This seminar is the best value of all the seminars offered by Elitefts. It is designed to help the beginning athlete and coach understand all of the concepts of force development. For the beginner, the basic concepts are covered in detail in a way that is very easy to understand and implement into any training program. For the advanced, this seminar also takes it to the next level with a complete understanding of applying many of the groundbreaking methods of overcoming sticking points. Everyone will walk away with the knowledge to begin transforming their training programs to help them take it to the next level.

In this seminar Dave will take a clear-cut approach to educational process by making sure you totally understand the concepts associated with maximal force development training. This involves a no holds bared approach to training information. No stone will be left unturned and no topic will be avoided. Dave does not believe in holding anything back and this seminar will leave you with a new outlook on the process of strength development.

This seminar will help you to uncover the ten biggest training mistakes being made by coaches and athletes today. These mistakes when uncovered can make tremendous difference in your training program when avoided. This seminar will not only uncover them but also gives you the skills and methods needed to avoid them in the first place. You will see how many of the training programs used today are very deceiving and how many people and organizations twist the fact for their own gain. You will be exposed to the real truth in the filed of strength and conditioning. You will see how and why several lifters in the sport of power lifting make it while other fall to the wayside.

This seminar is about making gains. You will at some time or another run into a wall and have a lack of progress. These are the most important times in your training program. These are the times that will make or break you. Training is not always a fast progress to the top. You will have times where you have to stop and think about what you are doing and then come up with a new plan of attack. If your plan is not ready for these times before they happen then you could loose very valuable time trying to catch up. For many this can end up being years! Why spend time trying to figure this all out for your self when we have seen just about every thing. Let us guide you with how we overcome the same obstacles we have seen time and time again.