Welcome to the long-awaited follow-up to Matt Wenning's popular "SYTYCS" series. This time, Matt targets the pull in the same expert fashion that he did with the squat. We brought in loyal elitefts™ customer and amateur strongman competitor Ryan Minney as our training subject. His form is broken down, analyzed and a thorough plan to improve his deadlift is laid-out.

Wenning covers:

1) Ryan's weaknesses found while performing conventional deadlifts in Part 1

2) How to attack hips and fire the posterior chain

3) Sumo deadlift carry-over to conventional pulls

4) Sumo deadlift in a wide stance

He has Ryan complete one set of wide-stance sumo deadlifts in 45 seconds.  In the 45-second time frame, Matt pinpoints where and when Ryan's form begins to break down.