The emergence of raw powerlifting and CrossFit has popularized the front squat. Its popularity has surged by lifters posting YouTube videos of impressive lifts that, in turn, cause novices to realize the benefits of the front squat. The front squat should not be taken lightly or seen as only a variation of the squat. It is very technical and comes with many issues that must be addressed prior to execution of the lift.

In this three part series, I will discuss setup, grip and hand placements, execution, and other considerations for the front squat. In this video, part two, I have Joani execute the front squat while I give commentary on form and technical issues. I cover:

  • (0:34) Back view of front squat execution
  • (1:00) Breakdown of proper technique
  • (2:00) Body position in the hole
  • (2:18) Front view of front squat execution
  • (2:43) Using elbow position to create tension in upper back
  • (3:30) Coaching cues to remember