WATCH: Annual Programming for Powerlifting — Off-Season Between Meets Weeks 28-40

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Ever wondered how to set up your training for the next year? Questioned how to determine when to compete and how to prepare? Not sure how to train in the weeks directly before or directly following a meet?

You're not alone. These are the questions that all powerlifters struggle with during their careers, constantly trying to refine their approach to in-season and off-season powerlifting training. One holistic approach to powerlifting is to program within an annual plan that accounts for all 52 weeks of the year tying together.

This fourth part of the video series picks up immediately after the first or "qualifying" meet of the year. Brandon Smitley begins by talking about the week following the meet, during which the lifter is expected to rest and recover. This time off will be important for the following weeks that require a long-term increase in intensity.

During this phase, it is important to remember what aspects of programming worked from the previous meet training cycle and which didn't. For instance, if you know you hit a bench PR at your meet because of Tate Presses, you want to save that accessory exercise for the 12-week meet prep at the end of the annual plan. The idea is to ensure you don't "waste" good exercises early in a training cycle.

Weeks 29-40 in this plan, much like weeks 1-13, will be an off-season style, in which you will do minimal competitions lifts and experiment with new exercises and rep schemes before training for the big meet of the year.

 Weeks 1-5 After A Meet

Reintroducing Moderate Barbell Movements in Weeks 6-13

Preparing for a Qualifying Meet Weeks 14-27

Brandon's Training Log 



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