WATCH: Annual Programming for Powerlifting — Reintroducing Moderate Barbell Movements in Weeks 6-13

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Ever wondered how to set up your training for the next year? Questioned how to determine when to compete and how to prepare? Not sure how to train in the weeks directly before or directly following a meet?

You're not alone. These are the questions that all powerlifters struggle with during their careers, constantly trying to refine their approach to in-season and off-season powerlifting training. One holistic approach to powerlifting is to program within an annual plan that accounts for all 52 weeks of the year tying together.

WATCH: How to Design An Annual Programming for Powerlifting — Weeks 1-5 After A Meet

In this second video in Brandon Smitley's multi-part series on annual programming, Smitley covers weeks six through 13, with week one marking the first week after a meet. This phase reintroduces the barbell.

During these seven building weeks, the primary goal is to work with heavier weights in a rep range of three to five. Program to allow yourself to never miss a weight, and use specialty bars, bands, and chains to vary movements. This period of time functions as a testing phase that allows you to experiment with accessory work and learn your responses to specific movements. What you learn in this phase will be vital to setting up a pre-meet training plan.

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