Carlos' journey into strength sports was a fortunate one for him. As a teenager, he was invited to train with a group of strongman competitors at a gym near his home, led by none other than World's Strongest Man competitor Derek Poundstone. Training under one of the greatest and most consistent strongmen of the last decade produced an incredible-yet-anticipated outcome: Carlos earned his pro card in 2012.

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After continuing to post impressive results in strongman, Carlos suffered a back injury in 2012 and, once rehabilitated, he decided to try another strength sport. He entered his first powerlifting meet in 2013 and quickly rose to the top. He now has personal competitions bests of an 805-pound squat, 515-pound bench press, 725-pound deadlift, and 2045-pound total, all done in the 220-pound raw class.

Now he's a member of elitefts. In this video interview, Carlos discusses his history in strongman and powerlifting, including the training methods and protocols he has used for each of his strength pursuits. He outlines his introduction to strongman, what led him to powerlifting, and how that has necessitated a change in his training over time.

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