If you couldn't make it to the JL Holdsworth, Swede Burns, and Casey Williams training camp last weekend, you missed a lot. From the Q&A to the hands-on coaching to the Sunday training day, the weekend was full of opportunities to learn from some of the best powerlifting coaches in the industry, with decades of knowledge and experience to their names.

The good news for those of you that didn't make it is this: we're sharing a small snapshot of this information with you now, here in video form. As part of Saturday's morning session, JL, Swede, and Casey had an open question-and-answer session to allow attendees to learn about the topics they needed covered. This video showcases the first question of the day.

  • Casey introduction and story of how he brought on (0:32)
  • JL introduction and history of competing, injuries, and owning Spot Athletics (1:20)
  • Swede's introduction, coaching at Keyhole, bench-only and transition back into full power (3:49)
  • For the people that are newer to the sport, looking back on when you started, what do you wish you would have done sooner? (6:17)
  • Casey — Ask more questions and don't be afraid to reach out. Admit what you don't know  (6:27)
  • JL — Accept criticism and know that you're going to do dumb shit. (7:46)
  • Swede — You don't know everything. Train with people who do the things that you want to do. (9:55)
  • Casey — If you care, find a way to make it happen. (11:39)
  • JL — Marathon vs Sprint (12:24)