Swede Burns


Swede Burns, the creator of the 5thSet methodology and owner of Keyhole Barbell, is a lifter and coach with over 20 years of competitive experience. He was voted Powerlifting Coach of the Year in 2016. Swede is perhaps best known for his "total" as a coach: a proven track record, empathy, compassion, strategy, and ability to execute against it all consistently.

  • Goal Structure

    When it comes to my training, I don't just show up and happen to be able to perform. No one does that. I prepare for each mile marker target ahead of time. I eat enough. I sleep enough. I hydrate. The night before, the morning of; I run my mental game.

    Goal Structure
  • Pause

    More recently, as a result of various social media platforms, some things seem to have gained popularity because one or two highly esteemed lifters or coaches with powerful spheres of influence begin to do them.

  • Optimizing My Travel Training Efficiency

    With this training-while-traveling program, keep in mind I’ve been in 6 cities in 5 different states in the last 5 weekends and on the road for 20 of the last 35 days. My needs and resources in terms of time, help, equipment, recovery, and a host of other factors may vary from yours.

    Optimizing My Travel Training Efficiency
  • Instagramification

    Try to keep an open mind when trying a new, proactive approach to anything, even if it doesn't quite feel right at first — whether it be your job, social media, or a new program. Just because it doesn't feel good right away doesn't mean it won't later on.

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