Aside from making a fashion statement, is there any reason to be selective with your ? Couldn't you choose any singlet, throw it on the day of the competition, and be ready? They all serve the same purpose, don't they? They don't.

In this video, Clint Darden talks about weightlifting singlets and the important things to look at when choosing yours. According to Clint, the differences between singlets can have a substantial effect on support and comfort when competing in weightlifting — and the more expensive singlet isn't necessarily the best one. In fact, Clint's favorite singlet cost a third of the price of his others.

Amongst the most important differences, Clint notes that singlets may consist of material with various stiffness, or even have designated areas that are stickier and will catch the bar. For a weightlifter with a larger upper body, such as Clint, a sleeveless singlet will typically fit better than one with sleeves.

A few of Clint's favorite qualities of a good weightlifting singlet:

  1. The material on the legs allows the bar to brush against your thighs without sticking to the singlet.
  2. The material on the shoulders will stick to the bar, helping your stability in the catch position.
  3. No sleeves.
  4. No zippers.

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