WATCH: Getting Into A Deadlift Position

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The second rep of a deadlift set can sometimes feel easier than the first. This may seem counterintuitive, but video yourself and look closely. After your first rep, your hips fall directly into your optimal strength position, your shoulder stay further behind the bar, and you're able to use the energy stored from the eccentric movement.

What if you could make all of these things happen for your first rep? When you deadlift in a meet, you don't get a chance to make the second rep look better — so you need to learn how to perfect the initial pull.

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In this video, filmed for one of his female clients struggling to find her best deadlift position, Clint demonstrates his deadlift and critiques his own technique from a recent speed session. Breaking down each of his lifts in great detail, Clint becomes his greatest critic and examines every part of his pull including his approach to the bar, shoulder and hip position, asymmetries, and releasing the bar.

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