Though it may seem intimidating, entering the world of competitive strength sports is not difficult. Registering for a strongman competition, powerlifting meet, or Olympic weightlifting meet is, in most cases, as simple as sending in a form and showing up for the day of competition.

You probably don't feel ready for this. According to Clint Darden, you never will.

WATCH: Darden Q&A From the Compound — Weightlifting for Strongman, Deadlift Stance

In this video, Clint Darden discusses three things that all beginner's should know about strength sports. First he addresses the most important aspect of making progress: time. Don't rush. There is no recipe for 30 days to abs or 60 days to success or three months to being a millionaire. Clint has grown from 154 pounds to 306 pounds at his biggest. How? 20 years of work.

Clint also discusses requisite strength levels for doing a strongman competition. Are there certain numbers you should hit in powerlifting before competing in Strongman? The best way to answer this question is to avoid comparing yourselves to others before competing— to manage expectations within a realistic timeline. Clint goes on to discuss preventing injuries and how to react when setbacks do occur.

WATCH: Darden Q&A From the Compound — How Long Should Your Warm-Up Be?

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