"Finding Strength is about going to new gyms, meeting the coaches and athletes, and giving new strongmen a voice."

When asked about the purpose of his Strongman-exposure venture, Finding Strength, Zach Gallmann doesn't struggle to find words. He knows exactly why he is devoting his life to growing the sport of strongman. He has spent his life lifting weights — at the age of 11 he fell in love with strength training and hasn't stopped since. He carried this passion with him through his time as a teenager and into his time in the United States Armed Forces.

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After serving in the military, Gallmann realized a few things about life as a civilian: The military has a different dynamic than civilian life. Everyone is there for everyone; no matter how you feel about the person to your left or your right, you have their back, and they have yours.

After leaving the military, Gallmann couldn't find that close-knit community anywhere. Until he found Strongman. After competing for years, Gallmann is finding a new way to be an ambassador for the sport. For Finding Strength, Gallmann has been to over 20 gyms across the eastern US, in locations such as Boston, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. His 2017 west coast tour is already planned.

In this video, Gallmann explains the sport of Strongman and why he loves it — and why you should too.

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