300 pounds. For powerlifters, it's a joke. For athletes, it's a good number. For gym rats, it's a bragging right. For high school kids, it's the all-time goal.

The truth is, most people will never bench 300 pounds in their lifetime. If you can bench press over 300 pounds, there is a good chance that in any given room on any given day, you are the strongest person. If what you're going for is strongest among most men (an accomplishment in it's own right), there's a direct path you can take to getting there.

In this video, Clint Darden answers a question submitted to him last week: what will it take to bench 300 pounds this year. Using what Darden refers to as the old school pyramid, Clint explains how to go from a 265-pound bench to a 300-pound bench, using the building blocks of program design.

The method Clint explains in this video will work for any goal, regardless of the weight — and even outside of lifting. Use it to bench 300, or squat 800, or to boost a stagnant career.

Clint's Training Log