WATCH: I'm Sick! Should I Train?

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You may have heard the popular adage about training while ill: if your illness is from the neck up, you can exercise. If it's from the neck down, you should rest.

Well, Clint Darden is here to question this old saying. Clint recently missed Strongman Sunday due to illness — on Friday he took his chemo and by Sunday he couldn't train, eat, or even walk to his car.

At the time of this video, it is Wednesday. Clint spent Sunday replenishing his body from the effects of the chemo and then rested on Monday and Tuesday. Is he ready to be back in the gym? Can his body handle a serious training session?

With these questions in mind, Clint discusses how to know if your body can handle training through sickness. He says that finding the answer can be much simpler than most people make it. Do you want to train? If so, go train. Do you want to sit at home on the couch? Sit at home on the couch.

Clint also points out that a lot of the time, training might help make you feel better. If you're smart about your training, don't go as heavy, and shorten the session, you could leave the gym feeling better than when you showed up. The lesson is this: If you want an excuse not to train, you can find one.

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