Welcome to Off Topic with Dave and Jim. This video, the first installment of the new elitefts series, puts Dave Tate and Jim Wendler together on camera and has them answer questions on a variety of topics, asked by real lifters. However, in true Dave and Jim fashion, one answer turns into a longer conversation, and five minutes becomes half an hour. No matter what, these men have a lot to say.

Today's topic is frequency. Frequency, one of the most controllable variables of your training program, can change a lot about how you progress and recover (or how you backslide and destroy your body). Do you need to train the main lifts once each per week? Twice per week? Three times or more?

What about experience level and supplementation? Does a lifter's experience level change the amount of frequency needed? Do enhanced lifters need more frequency due to their increased recoverability? Or do they actually need less, because they're able to push their body's further every training session, requiring more time of rest?

These are some of the many questions discussed in the first video of Off Topic with Dave and Jim.

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