Westside. Travel seminars. Coaching clinics. Timmy the Trainer. The Gift. The Dark Side. 5/3/1. There's a lot of history shared between these two men. Now they're adding to it.

The upcoming video series from elitefts brings back together the two most significant men ever to be part of the site. In this Table Talk series, Dave Tate and Jim Wendler will work through training issues of every kind; from squat technique to bench press accessories, from deadlift stance to periodization of conditioning — they discuss every topic that relates to life and training philosophy of both serious and casual lifters.

Through these videos, several things will be clear. First, Jim's lifestyle. While there is a segment in which Jim discusses how important it is to his life that he refuses to do things he doesn't want to, the reality is that Jim is constantly working harder than people realize. His new 5/3/1 editions? They aren't fluffed-up edits and empty additions. They are carefully evaluated adjustments that he has tirelessly worked to perfect, observing and advising many lifters along the way.

Secondly, it will be undeniable to any viewer of this series that Dave and Jim hold vastly different opinions on many training topics. You might think that after years of training together, traveling for seminars, and working together, Dave and Jim agree on almost everything. You'd be wrong.

The final thing to note is that 5/3/1 is known as a program, but it's also a training philosophy. Lifters and coaches shouldn't simply be looking to emulate what Jim does, but instead should seek what Jim sought — to find the lessons that form the philosophy of 5/3/1.

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