As we continue to discover previously unpublished elitefts video content, we've found a gold mine from the summer of 2013: a question-and-answer session Dave Tate and Mark Watts held with a number of young strength and conditioning students. Gathered in the S4 Compound for an afternoon, Dave and Mark openly discussed a variety of topics with the students, ranging from training points on specific lifts to the composition of a program to developing a career in the strength and conditioning industry.

In this particular video Troy Thompson, a graduate of Capital University, former intern under Mark Watts, and now Head Football Strength and Conditioning Coach at Pace University, asks about periodization. How should periodization be changed between small training groups and larger groups, such as a team setting? What differences arise between training 5 to 15 people and training a group of 50 or more athletes? Both Dave and Mark share their thoughts.

WATCH: Anaheim Ducks Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Mark Fitzgerald