WATCH: Tarra Oravec Joins Team Elitefts

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To simply call Tarra Oravec strong by women's powerlifting standards doesn't do her justice. Her incredible climb to a 1200-pound raw total 181 (all under the tutelage of Swede Burns) is amazing no matter how you look at it.  And we have been looking at it. We've been watching Tarra for a long time. When Swede join elitefts a year ago, he spoke to us about Tarra's success and how impressed he was by her quick progress. Little did he know, we had already been watching her.

Now, Tarra is the newest member of Team Elitefts. This video shows her journey to joining the team and how she sees her place in the world of powerlifting.

"I have no doubt in my mind that she will break the women's all time 181 record for deadlift and eventually total. She's on her way. She's on the fast track. She'll total in the 1300s within a year or two and will break the all time. If you ask the girls that are at the top of the all-time, they'll tell you the same. She's one of the best female lifters of all time."

— Swede Burns


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