This is what’s wrong with powerlifting.

Everyone in this sport is so negative.

If you want to fix powerlifting, you need to…

Let’s make something clear: powerlifting doesn’t need fixed. Powerlifting isn’t wrong. Like every sport, there are issues that deserve addressing. There are ways to improve the sport. But powerlifting doesn’t need fixed because it isn’t broken.

There are more meets than ever. There are more competitors than ever. There is better coaching than ever. By many accounts, the sport is strengthening every year.

Part of making the sport better is being aware of the problems and working to solve them. There is good reason to talk about concerns.

Without negativity, the members of Team elitefts share their thoughts on how to improve the sports they compete in. In this video, competitors of both strength and physique sports share their thoughts on how to make the future of their sports even better.

In this video: Brandon Smitley, Dawn Hickman, Alycia Israel, Julia Ladewski, Holly Joy McCabe, Joe Schillero, Meana Franco

In this video: Ken Whetham, Christine Brass, Ben Hartman