Weightlifting straps have grown a reputation as a lazy way to hide a weak grip — but Clint Darden swears by their usefulness.

There are several undeniable benefits to weightlifting straps. Powerlifters may use straps to disengage the biceps tendons that often become inflamed from heavy squatting, bench pressing, and deadlifting. By using straps, the hands and forearms are not required to contract, thereby avoiding stress on the biceps tendons.

Strongmen who compete in deadlift for reps events should consider the time commitment of traditional lifting straps. Clint demonstrates that if you want to rest for air during a timed event, you will easily lose 20 to 30 seconds while resetting your straps.

The old school straps take much less time to set and, although they require some squeezing of the fingers, help avoid straining the biceps tendons by allowing the thumb to hang free.