What To Do With Expired Ammonia Capsules

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Got expired ammonia capsules that you don’t know what to do with? Or just need a little bit of a motivational pick me up to go do something great in the gym? Clint Darden of The House of Biceps has some ammonia and life advice for you.

“If you find a box of ammonia capsules that have expired, its just as bad as finding a box of expired condoms. It’s a great sign you ain’t done anything in a long time! Pop them suckers open!”

Stop waiting around for something and go work for it! Do something impressive!

And if you’re cracking open your old ammonia capsules, go ahead and buy some new ones so you’re prepared! Did you know Dave Tate prefers the single-use capsules to the bottles? He says he’s old school and declares, “Busting a cap always sounds better than torking”.


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