Growing up, many can relate to a household where most parents had to work to just make ends meet. In my family, I woke up to my Dad already out the door for work and returning home when I was already in bed. Mom had to work as well and if it wasn’t for Grandma filling in, that second income would not have been possible. Paying for childcare for four young girls would not have been an option. It is unfortunate that many can relate to this situation and continue to get nowhere!

My father had a high school degree and an outstanding work ethic that is hard to find this day and age. He took an entry-level position in the corporate world and gradually worked his way up. This is what he was taught and the values he possessed. Get a job. Give 110% and reap the benefits! There was not a single day where I can remember where my Dad called off work. It was not in his DNA! He had people who counted on him and there was no way he was going to let them down.

As I look back, there was no way he was going to let the corporate world down, but what kind of sacrifice did he and his family make because of this? How often could he not go to a soccer game? How often could he not go to a school play? How often did he miss reading a bedtime story to the people he loved most in life? How many of you can relate to similar situations of putting the corporate world before all other aspects of your life? How often do you hear yourself saying, "I'm sorry, I can't make it" to your family?

Don’t get me wrong, he cared very much for his family and trading his time for money was all he knew. How many others feel their only option is trading time for money? You work hard every day and go nowhere. Too many people find themselves working day-in and day-out, to get a weekly paycheck, and finding themselves broke the very next day.

We all have a value and need to take it upon ourselves to do everything we can to increase it. This will ensure job security, increase capital for your employer (to compensate you more) or allow you to seek other outside opportunities.  In most cases your value is defined by the quality of work  you produce.