No matter what kind of gym you own, you also own a media company.

Ten years ago, gatekeepers controlled who got to see your message. You had to buy time on TV, get interviewed on the radio, pay for column inches in the newspaper, buy the biggest ad in the Yellow Pages, or beg editors to approve stories about you...

Today, there is none of that. There are NO gatekeepers. You own the media!

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You can publish your own newspaper. You can record your own radio show. You can go live on camera any time you want. You don't just own the means of production — the distribution is FREE!

Why aren't you using it?

Usually, the answer is: "I don't know how to get started," or "I don't know what to SAY."

Here's what to do TODAY to get your media machine rolling:

(If you don't know what phase of entrepreneurship you're in, click here to take the test.)

Founder Phase

  • Goal: Make yourself famous.
  • Tactic: Put yourself on stage. Use videos to answer questions and establish authority in your niche.
  • Tools: Facebook Live, YouTube.
  • Topics: What are the most common questions asked by your clients and future clients? Answer those.

Farmer Phase

  • Goal: Make your team famous.
  • Tactic: Put your staff on stage. Use videos or podcasts to establish their authority in your niche.
  • Tools: Live videos, recorded videos, Apple podcasts, blog posts with video.
  • Topics: Answer the frequently asked questions that pop up in your business. Interview your staff monthly.

Tinker Phase

  • Goal: Make your clients famous.
  • Tactic: During goal reviews or client check-ins, ask your clients to share their story to inspire others. Share on social media, YouTube. Add your client's origin story. Brag them up.
  • Tools: Live videos, recorded videos, social media, podcasts.
  • Topics: "Tell me your story."

Thief Phase

  • Goal: Make your cause famous.
  • Tactic: Inspirational blog posts, downloadable white papers, recorded talks, podcasts, journals, books, audiobooks, webinars, courses.
  • Tools: TEDx, Audible, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, courseware.
  • Topics: Mentor others to do what you've done.

I first learned about Dave Tate from (formerly; his Periodization Bible I and II series showed up when I was trying to learn more about Tudor Bompa's linear periodization models. That media changed my life. My squat went up, and so did my fortune: I began to see the value of being published.

At TwoBrain, we publish every day. We write blog posts, send love letters, and produce YouTube videos and podcasts. We educate and inspire. But we're far from perfect. With media, as with everything in your business, consistency is more important than anything else. Hit publish!

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