EliteFTS Core Blaster Row Stand


Newest in the Core Blaster lineup.

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Ask and you shall recieve.

After numerous requests, the EliteFTS Core Blaster Row Stand is here.  Designed to provide a large range of motion, the Core Blaster Row Stand allows you to get a deep stretch in the classic standard T-bar row movement.. at a fraction of the cost. 

The Core Blaster Row Stand is designed with safety, ergonomics and muscle activation in mind.

Diamond textured foot panels provide ample grip to keep you from slipping, along with downwards and inward angles - these allow you to both sit back (protect your back and keep your spine more vertical) and to apply outward force with your feet - grounding and stabilizing your entire body.  

  • Dimensions: 25" long x 26" wide x 14" tall
  • Weighs 40lbs.  
  • Diamond  textured foot panels
  • Rubber caps on bottom. 
  • Rubber bar rest
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