elitefts™ Deluxe Lying Leg Curl - Selectorized


We predict pain...but pain can be a good thing. The lying leg curl is one of the best focused builders for the hamstrings, an important component of the posterior chain.

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Deluxe Lying Leg Curl

This leg curl machine offers a 200-pound weight stack for your swoletastic pleasure. This is one of those machines where you lie face down and curl your legs. The padding is comfortable, both on your ankles and on your body.

There are handles for you to grab and steady yourself. These are also useful for really tugging out those cheater reps.

Don't be afraid to use the hell out of this bad boy to add quality mass to the hamstrings. These features let us know that just like you, it won't quit:

  • Constructed with 2"x3" 11-gauge steel.
  • High strength welded frame.
  • Powder coated frame in your color of choice.
  • Pad available in multiple colors.

Training Ideas

  • Finish an extended set with partials.
  • Perform low weight, high rep sets of at least 100 for knee prehab.
  • Add bands and chains.
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