elitefts™ Plyobox 6-inch Plyobox Top

Dynamic Destruction.

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These boxes were designed with purpose first. 

We feel that you need to understand the Shock Method (also known as Plyometrics) before you embark on creating a box intended to be used for that purpose. You do not want to design a box that will absorb all of the shock — to do so would be defeating much of the purpose of the programming. 

Therefore, taking this into consideration, we have designed a Plyobox with an individually constructed Landing Top and individually constructed Risers (since each serves a different purpose).

The top is constructed for landing and the risers are designed for increasing the height of the box. Simple concept, don't you think? That's what we thought, but apparently, others have missed this one very simple aspect or don't understand the Shock Method in the first place. 

Landing Top Specs

  • 18 oz. non expanded vinyl cover 
  • Handles for better transport 
  • Vinyl velcro flaps around the ENTIRE bottom edge perimeter for stronger stability. 
  • Rebond foam core with crosslinked polyethylene on top and bottom.
  • Logo Top


Custom Colors 

  • Black 
  • Royal Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Yellow 
  • Burgundy 
  • Red

For more ideas on how to implement elitefts™ Plyoboxes into your workout and programming, read:

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