elitefts™ Premium 13mm P2 Bodybuilding Belt

Our best belt, with a tapered fit for all-workout comfort.

These belts are individually HANDMADE. Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for this belt to finish the tanning process and get stamped before shipping out.

Individually HANDMADE. Please allow up to 10 business days for this belt to ship out.

100 % of 100

elitefts™ P2 Bodybuilding Belt


XS: 22 to 31 inches

S: 27 to 36 inches

M: 31 to 40 inches

L: 35 to 44 inches

XL: 39 to 48 inches

XXL: 43 to 52 inches

Exactly the same as the elitefts™ 13mm P2 Power Belt except it is tapered in the front.

Made in the USA
Handmade and treated therefore giving each one it's own distinct color
Made from the finest sole leather money can buy
This is the same leather used in the highest quality boots
Pre-treated in a proprietary solution of mineral and fish oils to break the leather in, make it quicker to form around your waist, and provides a darker and richer color.

We have gone through and used too many belts that took forever to break in, holes that stretch out, broken buckles, layers that peel apart, slipping up your back, not being able to get the thing off, the holes being misplaced, too thick, not thick enough, stretching, etc. There will also be a need for an economy belt but we knew we could do better and never gave up on the search. Finally after years of looking we got it - and we got it right!

As soon as you get your belt, you will know you have a superior product.

*This belt looks awesome and (due to the treatment process) no two belts will ever be the same, so this will be unique for you.

*Nothing beats the smell of 100% genuine leather, this reeks of shattered PRs.

*As soon as you touch the belt, you will love the way it feels. Once you put it on, you will think it is the best belt you have ever strapped on. After 2-3 training sessions when it really breaks in (yes, 2-3 sessions - NOT weeks), you will KNOW it is the best belt you've ever used.

*We even made sure the buckle has that awesome rattling sound as you pick it up, toss it in your bag and grab it to strap on.

*Most importantly with each use the belt will begin to mold around your body, allowing for you to get the perfect fit without any slipping.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE - This means we will repair or replace free of charge forever.

SPECS - Single-Prong Double-Thick (13mm) Powerlifting Belt – Treated, Tapered Tongue

SIZING NOTE - The sizes listed in the drop down are based on your RAW waist measurement. If you wear 4 pair of briefs and 2 squat suits you will need to factor this into your waist measurement.


Sole bends are the part of the hide that we use to make our belts. Most manufactures use the shoulders that have a much looser grain and therefor when it's tanned it becomes more flexible and will not last as long and can roll on the edges because there's not as much integrity in the leather.

Premium - Above the normal or par value. aka - The BEST belt on the market!

Prodigy - Something extraordinary or inexplicable. AKA - The BEST and ONLY belt you will EVER need!

"As a bodybuilder with previous powerlifting experience, I wanted a strong sturdy belt. I've always liked the support of a thick powerlifting belt, but wanted one with a tapered front (this feels much more comfortable to me when using the belt for rows and deadlifts). The EFS tapered belt is perfect - it's extremely sturdy (just like the regular EFS PL belt) but with a taper in front. It provides ample support for every lift (squats included) but it's not cumbersome at all. It also looks bad-ass and says elitefts™ on the back so people know you mean business. I am Shelby Starnes, and I approve of this belt."

Shelby Starnes

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