elitefts™ Premium P2 Bench Belt

American-made awesomeness to support your back and keep your shirt tucked on your heaviest attempts.

These belts are individually HANDMADE. Please allow up to 10 business days for this belt to finish the tanning process and get stamped before shipping out.

Individually HANDMADE. Please allow up to 4 weeks for this belt to ship out.

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S: 27 to 36 inches

M: 31 to 40 inches

L: 35 to 44 inches

XL: 39 to 48 inches

2XL: 43 to 52 inches

You might be asking WHY a bench belt? 

The thinner belt makes it MUCH easier to arch and does a better job of keeping a bench shirt in place. 

It's also easier to pull down allowing for a better "belly up" position when lowering the bar. 

  • Made in the USA
  • Handmade and treated therefore giving each one it's own distinct color
  • Made from the finest sole leather money can buy
  • This is the same leather used in the highest quality boots
  • Pre-treated in a proprietary solution of mineral and fish oils to break the leather in, make it quicker to form around your waist, and provides a darker and richer color.

    LIFETIME GUARANTEE - This means we will repair or replace free of charge forever. 

    SPECS - 2" Single-Prong Leather (6.5 mm) Bench Press Belt – Treated.

    SIZING NOTE - The sizes listed in the drop down are based on your RAW waist measurement. If you wear a multiply bench shirt you will need to factor this into your waist measurement. 

    Premium - Above the normal or par value. aka - The BEST belt on the market! 

    Prodigy - Something extraordinary or inexplicable. AKA - The BEST and ONLY belt you will EVER need!

    Sole bends are the part of the hide that we use to make our belts. Most manufactures use the shoulders that have a much looser grain and therefor when it's tanned it becomes more flexible and will not last as long and can roll on the edges because there's not as much integrity in the leather.
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