elitefts™ Pro Ultra Compression Floss Band Blue

The largest floss option for your (p)rehabilitation. Floss bands can also be used for your resistance training needs!
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Muscular compression cemented its place in recovery protocols years ago, but now we’ve found a better form of tight wrap: Pro Compression Floss Bands.

The use of Pro Compression Floss Bands has been reported to alleviate pain around achy muscles, joints, and tendons through short and long-term applications. Many athletes and competitive lifters have used the Pro Compression Floss Bands to facilitate proper motor patterns, mend biomechanical positioning, and prepare for the demanding rigors of intense training.

This bad boy is much bigger than anything else on the market - ideal for athletes of all shapes and sizes. At a whopping 14' long,3" wide, and 1.5mm thick our Pro Ultra Floss Band is ready to take on the smallest of elbows and wrist joints to the meatiest of knees.  14' of material also provides the buyer the opportunity to cut it down to a customized size.  

How to Use the Pro Compression Floss Bands:

The possible applications of the Pro Compression Floss Bands are endless. The most common methods include wrapping an achy or non-responsive muscular-joint area and spending several minutes performing motions that target the afflicted area. For instance, to aid a nagging knee, an athlete may use a Pro Compression Floss band to tightly wrap above and below the knee. Then, by performing bodyweight squats for several minutes, the tissue surrounding the knee becomes less bothersome and opens up the range of motion for safer, optimal training conditions.

The tightness of the wrap can be altered based on individual tolerance and severity of ailments. You can use the Pro Compression Floss Bands almost anywhere:

• Forearms
• Biceps
• Elbows
• Shoulders
• Calves
• Knees
• Hamstrings
• Hip
• Groin

For safety reasons, the Pro Compression Floss Bands should be removed if a limb begins to feel numb or becomes pale. End user assumes all risk associated with the use of this product. Consult a medical professional before use.


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