elitefts™ Third Generation GripMax™ Wrist Strap

The newest generation of high-quality lifting straps won't fail you. Now infused with rubber for an even tackier grip.

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Wrist straps are an important training tool. They allow you to push past your limits, and worry about the movement or muscle rather than just holding on for dear life. If pushing past your barriers is a regular occurrence for you, we're betting you want to a pair of straps you can trust.

Based on customer feedback, and input from athletes from around the world, we've made a new, tough-built lifting strap unlike anything we've ever seen.

The width of the strap is the same as the previous generation straps - the Red Lifting Strap and Blue Lifting Strap, as well as the Second Generation Strap - as we found that a 1.5-inch fabric gives the best tradeoff between comfort on the wrists and easy manipulation so you can get them around the bar easily after you've huffed your ammonia.

We are particularly proud of the fabric. We took the enhanced-durability, polymer-coated nylon blend of the popular Second Generation Lifting Strap and infused tacky rubber on to it for an even better grip for even the longest challenge sets.

No padding - because you're strong(er). You don't need it.

Now your grip won't fail...and you better not, either.

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