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Nothing feels quite as joyously painful as having someone dig into your trigger spots and muscle knots in an effort to alleviate soreness, increase recovery, and improve mobility. However, sometimes it's a challenge to find the right amount of pressure to apply with the tools people are limited to using today.  Rolling on the ground and against a wall can only provide so much relief.

Athletes began turning to kettlebells to smash areas like quads, hamstrings, IT bands, shoulder, pecs, arms etc - with wonderful results.  The weight of the kettlebell and the convenient handle provide great relief as a self-myofascial release technique.

Sometimes though, that flat surface just isn't enough.  The HVIII Mobility Sleeve, designed by 2x Highland Games World Champion Matt Vincent, takes kettlebell muscle mashing to new heights.  Employing the use of acrylic knobs to increase stimulation, the HVIII Mobility Sleeve can dig deeper than a naked kettlebell into multiple layers of tormented muscle.

The HVIII Mobility Sleeve comes in two sizes:

1. Minimum Mobility Sleeve - Designed to fit over most kettlebells ranging from 25 - 35lbs. 

2. Maximum Mobility Sleeve - designed to fit over most kettlebells ranging from 40-70lbs











 It also folds down to an extremely compact size, which makes it perfect for gym bags, storage, or traveling. 


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