Joe DeFranco's Sprinting Problems, Prowler® Solutions (from the 2015 SPTS Seminar)

Joe DeFranco takes an in-depth look at how to use a variety of tools - including the elitefts Prowler® - to help push your athletes' speed to the next level!

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Sprinting Problems, Prowler Solutions

Joe Defranco laid the groundwork for all sports performance coaches looking to open a facility to get athletes stronger, faster, and more durable. DeFranco opened one of the original garage gyms for athletes where he has trained multiple year NFL All-Pros like Brian Cushing, David Diehl, and Miles Austin, along with a slew of first round draft choices. Defranco has also trained major league baseball players, professional volleyball players, MMA fighters, pro boxers, and WWE superstars, including Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Joe D. has been an associate with elitefts since he opened Defranco’s training center. 


Speed Problems, Prowler® Solutions

There are a lot of speed experts who swear that resisted sprints make you slower and/or alter running mechanics. Joe DeFranco strongly disagrees (especially when referring to high school & college team sport athletes.) This presentation will focus on the 4 Stages of Learning a New Skill — more specifically, Stage 3, conscious competence. During this stage you need to slow down the skill in order to consciously practice it. The problem is that you can’t practice acceleration at half speed. Because of the angles and other factors, you need to run at full speed. This causes a huge speed problem because athletes are constantly running their sprints with poor form and every bad rep further imprints those poor mechanics in the brain. The only way to practice accelerating at half speed is with prowler pushes or marches. There is a lot of in-house research to back up how Joe Defranco has improved sprint mechanics and speed by using this drill. In addition this presentation will cover improving alactic capacity with the prowler® so athletes can repeat their speed/power efforts on the field.

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