Prowler® 2

You've heard of it, now try it for yourself. The sickest, baddest, and most rewarding conditioning tool on the planet. You can't beat an American original!

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The Prowler® Experience

The Prowler® sled is not just another workout tool; it's a reality check for anyone who prides themselves on their fitness level. Within moments of using it, we were pushed to our limits and forced to confront our physical boundaries in ways we hadn't anticipated. The challenge wasn't in the variety of exercises we could perform with the Prowler®; it was in the basic, yet incredibly demanding, act of pushing it a few short distances. That alone left us breathless, a humbling testament to the Prowler® sled's effectiveness.

Why the Prowler® 2 Stands Out

Versatile Conditioning Tool: It excels in general conditioning, pushing you beyond what you thought was possible.

Diverse Training Options: The Prowler® 2 accommodates all types of sled workouts, whether it's sled dragging or pushing.

Strength and Endurance Building: It’s uniquely designed to enhance lower and upper body strength and endurance.

Limitless Exercise Possibilities: Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with the Prowler® 2.

A Note to Coaches and Trainers

The Prowler® 2 shines in competitive team environments and training scenarios. Initially crafted for conditioning football linemen, its design facilitates pushing from both front and rear positions. This feature demands extreme physical effort, enhancing the training effect. Unlike other sleds, the Prowler® 2's unique construction supports many mobility exercises, making it a versatile tool in any training regimen.

Specifications and Usage

Compact and Portable: Breaks down to fit in trunks or truck beds, measuring 43"x 36"x 16" without upright poles and weighing 75 pounds.

Versatile Surface Compatibility: Usable on grass, concrete, pavement, and artificial turf. Optional UHMW skis expand their use to rubber flooring.

Caution for Concrete and Pavement Use: While the Prowler® 2 is built for durability, pushing it on abrasive surfaces like concrete may wear out the skis. elitefts™ will not be responsible for such wear and tear.

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