Prowler® Three Pack


Three times the pain.

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Prowler® 3-Pack

The Prowler® 3-Pack makes it easy for you to get larger groups of athletes working harder, smarter and getting leaner and stronger - for much less on your school's (or your) budget. Shipping has been reduced to make it more economical.

The Prowler® is one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, hips, and arms. The Prowler® can be used in team situations and competitions and make for a great atmosphere. There is an added feature which allows for weight plates to be added for increased resistance.

The Prowler® is great for...

  • General conditioning
  • All types of sled dragging
  • Prowler® pushes (push sled)
  • Lower body strength and endurance
  • Pretty much everything

The Prowler® will break down to fit in your trunk or truck bed. Measures 43"x36". Upright pipes are easily removed. Olympic plates not included. This can be used on any surface - grass, concrete, pavement, or artificial turf.

elitefts is not responsible for any damage or wear done on the skis of the Prowler® when pushing on concrete or pavement!

For more ideas on how to implement the Prowler® in your workouts and programming, read:

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