Military Dumbbell Bench


Use this specially designed, American-made Dumbbell Military Bench to build cannonball delts.

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Military Dumbbell Bench

We have all seen those pictures online of people doing an awkward "straddle your training partner's lap" to spot him press. If you are looking at a safer and less intimate way to spot someone on seated presses, this is the bench you need.

This non-adjustable bench will provide a solid base for your seated overhead pressing. A wide stance and rubber feet ensure that you won't be sliding all over the place when it's time to press the big weights.

This bench also features a diamond plate spotter platform, a handle and wheels for easy movement, and a slightly angled seat so you don't have to fight to stay in one spot.

Frame is 2x3 11-gauge steel, powder-coated.


Height: 39 3/8”

Cushion 12” x 22”

Length (Base): 48”

Width (Base): 23 3/8”


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