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"Opportunities are all around us."

Power Athlete Radio is back with Part 2 of our interview with Elite FTS founder and CEO, Dave Tate.

This second part kicks off with Dave discussing his history of injury and what he attributes his joint issues to.  Hear what he did to rehabilitate coming back from several major surgeries and John's thoughts on how to ensure your body "holds" after adjustments and physical therapy.

John also discusses what it's like to get his hip aspirated with hammer and chisel from Home Depot.  Then we touch on the pro's and con's of playing in the NFL - the pro's being hard to recall because of concussion induced memory loss.

Finally, what it really means to be a "Yes" man.  How to see and create opportunities for yourself everyday.

Hear what Dave has coming up this year and how you can stay connected with all things Elite FTS.  Part 2 with Date Tate is right meow.  Meow.


Show Notes

Thanks for tuning in to Part 2 with Dave Tate.  Next week we celebrate our 100th episode as the crew comes together to talk about the conclusion of #22JackedStreet and reminisce on 100 great podcasts.

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