Fast and Jacked interview elitefts columnist Todd Hamer and elitefts athlete Casey Williams in their latest podcast episode. Listen as two friends unite and make sense of the strength world they're contributing to.

We talk about RMU having one of the smallest facilities in the country but with the most interns and a 3 to 1 ratio of athlete to coach. We share some old powerlifting stories on Ed Coan and a couple of the guys at Westside and share some old powerlifting meet stories. Casey details his current training and where his motivation personally comes from as well as why he had to pull out from his next competition. 


Topics within this podcast include:

  • Robert Morris University's strength program
  • Accountability in the weight room
  • Ongoing education via books, podcasts, videos, and colleagues
  • Future powerlifting meets and plans
  • elitefts involvement, online presence, and movement
  • The 1990s
  • Velocity-based training and application
  • And more!

Listen to Podcast  


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