This past weekend was one for the strongman history books. Two separate events in different parts of the world drew wild attention to the sport with each event breaking a world record.

Ultimate Strongman's World Strongest Team is an event that is gaining more and more popularity and really topped off this year. Some of the biggest names in strongman joined forces to compete for the title of World's Strongest Team.  The events included super yoke, rock lift, tandem deadlift, two-man car deadlift hold, two man pole push, and stones.

The top three teams respectively: The Vikings, The Saxons, and The Yankees. Team Viking included Matajaz Belsak and Hafthor Bjornsson and won 3/6 events. In second place, The Saxons were comprised of Eddie Hall and Mark Felix . On the tandem deadlift they pulled an enormous 775kg (1,705lbs) shattering the previous world record by 18kg. The american team, Yankees, comprised of Mike Burke and Jerry Pritchett took third place with one event win.

Meanwhile in Brazil, the Arnold Classic was underway and was nothing short of spectacular as well. We saw one of the most popular lifts in the sport, log press, taken to a new level when Zydrunas Savickas pressed a 228kg (502lbs) over his head. In an interview after he mentions he will be breaking the 230kg barrier in the next year.

The final placing however reflected something slightly different. Brian Shaw came out on top with Krzysztof Radzikowski coming in second and Zydrunas coming into the podium in third. The Arnold Classic is an incredibly difficult show to win clearly, not a single mistake can be made. Although Brian did not break any world records this weekend, he was dominant enough to bring the win back to the USA.

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Header image via  Facebook, World's Ultimate Strongest Team