Source: Chris Dufey
Image: Chris Dufey

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Show notes from Chris Dufey:

0:33 Episode intro
4:21 Who is John Meadows?
8:57 What drives John to consistently produce unique content
10:41 A sneak peek at John’s Masters experience
16:11 Training tweaks that made the difference
20:05 Why you should manage your stress
21:21 The key for physique competitors
25:47 John’s Intensity techniques
28:45 Measure your food
35:38 Back training secret
40:08 John’s thoughts about alpha receptors and Yohimbine
42:28 Genetic advantage and the case of stubborn fats
44:03 Intra Training Nutrition update
47:49 How does it compare with other formulas
54:20 Where to find John
56:04 Closing words

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