Joe DeFranco offers his expertise in many ways. Between his written work on elitefts and his presentations at events like the elitefts Sports Performance Training Summit, DeFranco has proven his ability to help athletes through multiple forms of media. At the beginning of this month, he launched his first-ever podcast, Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength Show.

In his most recent episode from last night, DeFranco covered a wide variety of topics:

  • Optimal training intensities for young athletes

  • The single biggest mistake parents and coaches make when "conditioning" their kids! (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

  • Best "bang-for-your-back" exercises for kids to safely develop strength

  • Joe's thoughts on early athlete specialization

  • Learn the sports Joe refers to as "The Big 3" for young athletes. (These build the greatest athletic foundation for later on in their lives.)

  • The #1 thing that young athletes can do to drastically reduce their risk of ACL tears!

  • George DeFranco discusses what's pissing him of this week!

  • Joe D. tells the story of How & Why he became such a big advocate of thick bar training

  • Learn how one of Joe's original clients added over 30 pounds to his bench press in 9 weeks without performing ANY pressing exercises!

  • Learn the many benefits of training with thick barbells & dumbbells and how to incorporate them into YOUR training

  • Joe explains the Principle of Irradiation and its effect on muscular strength & hypertrophy

  • Learn the pain-reducing effects of thick bar training and much, Much MORE!

You can find the and listen through podcast listing on DeFranco's website or download the episode through iTunes.