There is a great difference between doing everything "necessary" to achieve an outcome, versus doing everything possible to achieve that outcome.

Necessity is the bare minimum. It's the first tier of what absolutely MUST happen for anything to move forward.

It's the basics and its mandated that the basics be done before anything else.

That in mind, doing what you needed to do is different from doing everything that you could have done.

You could say that basics is the first 80% (and I'm just abusing the Parillo principle because people are familiar with it).

But 80% isn't where excellence comes from.

That 20% "possibility" is what creates that.

To use fitness as the operative example then, the necessity is getting a program, eating some semblance of healthy, and being consistent.

That's all well and good and you'll get results, but its not "next level shit" or whatever other hashtag is popular right now.

The next level would be hiring the coach that wrote the program and getting it customized, thoroughly tracking nutrition, upping the ant on lifestyle and recovery.

That 20% is what maximizes the process.

I will say though, that all this depends on your start point. The context changes then as to what the "minimum" and what the "maximum" is, person to person.

So its a sliding perspective versus a fixed scale. One person's extreme is another persons normality.

Figure out where you are at, then act from there.

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