Remembering Brain Explorer Oliver Sacks

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Neurologist Oliver Sacks, an explorer of the brain, died on August 30th at the age of 82 from cancer. A doctor, best-selling author, weightlifter, skilled pianist, and professor, he can be best remembered by his tenacious curiosity to observe and understand the intricate workings of the human brain — neurotypical and atypical.  As you'll discover, his refreshing approach to learn and collect information was to often immerse himself in the lives of others in a personal, compassionate, gentle, and enthusiastic manner. Interestingly, yet appropriately, his countless observations have been shared through a multitude of creative and expressive vehicles : Hollywood, the theater, opera, and storytelling, exchanging "disorders" with a face and a name. Read more on the life of Oliver Sacks:

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Book Collection:

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