This is a basic six-week training cycle for an intermediate or beginner lifter who has reached a plateau in their training. Beginner/intermediate, in this case, refers to someone who has been lifting and following a training routine for 6-12 months. For this article, “squat” refers to the barbell back squat. This is not a technique article; it is written with the implied understanding that the reader is competent in the basics of the squat movement and knows their squat max.

If you do not know your squat max (taken within the last four weeks), take either a 1RM or a 3RM before beginning this program.

For this cycle, you will squat two days a week, with two days between workouts. Workouts should be 30-60 minutes, max. If you are training on other days, those training days should follow a similar intensity and volume and not be strenuous to the point where recovery is unattainable and hindering squat day. Remember, the next six weeks' goal is to break a record on the squat, not max the bench press, not PR a 10K, or get shredded.


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