Whether you are cheering for the New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles this upcoming Sunday during Super Bowl LII, both teams are making their mark when it comes to spreading awareness for autism.



Image Credit: Eagles Autism Challenge

Philadelphia Eagle’s players and coaches on Saturday May 19th will host the Eagle’s Autism Challenge, an event to raise money for local hospitals and institutions in order to help fund continued autism research. The event will consist of a 5k walk/run, 15, 30 and 50-mile bike rides and a Friday Night Kick-Off Party at Lincoln Financial Field.


Image Credit: New England Patriots

On the other side of the ball, every time New England Patriot’s safety Duron Harmon walks onto the field and looks down at his cleats, he is reminded of his eight-year old nephew who was diagnosed with autism.

Seeing my nephew deal with autism and fight through adversity everyday empowers me to fight through challenges in my own life.

Harmon has been working closely with Autism Speaksadvocating on behalf of children who have been diagnosed with autism. Harmon’s main goal? Awareness.

Bringing more and more awareness to the cause will let people know that they’re not alone out there. More people than you think have to deal with this on a daily basis.

Regardless of which team ends up hosting the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, it will be a win for autism awareness. elitefts has been a yielding supporter and activist of autism awareness for many years as evidenced in our articles, videos and work in the community. Click here to visit our Special Needs column.


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Header Image Credit: Tampa Bay Times