Owner of elitefts VIP Gym Elite Sports and Fitness, Matt Foley has guided athletes in and out of the gym for a long time. This experience has led to numerous insights, but it has also led to just as many frustrations — the most recent of which involving weightlifting collars.

Foley discussed this particular grievance on a video via his Facebook at the beginning of this month. He gave a particularly scathing review of the Lock-Jaw Collars saying, “not so much a Lock-Jaw Pro, I would say.” These collars are some of the most popular on the market, yet Foley was unsatisfied. They broke.

“We tested these a year ago and this is why we didn’t sell them,” Dave Tate said of the Lock-Jaw collars. “We feared the heavy pounding our customers place on products and didn’t want to deal with refund or return issues.”

The Lock-Jaw Collars, however, do appear to operate satisfactorily for barbell work during which the weight will not be hitting the ground (such as squats or bench presses).

After we saw Foley’s original video, we decided to send him a pair of the Croc Lock Collars. Understanding his pain of having collars break time and time over the years (and how positive the response to this product has been), we wanted to help.

Well, Foley decided to test these Croc Lock Collars. We’ll leave it to him to tell you the rest: