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Rackable Trap Bar

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Athletes far and wide love the trap bar - and for good reason!

The design of the trap bar makes it perfect for deadlifts, shrugs, and farmer's carries. Rowing movements seem to have more balance and even overhead presses can be performed with great results. 

The Rackable Trap Bar can do all that and more, finally sporting a length ideal for use in a rack as well as much longer sleeves (16" to be exact) - ready to be loaded well beyond that of a standard trap bar.  

The Rackable Trap Bar has a center section of 29" across, providing ample room for large athletes.  


  • 29” deep
  • 1 ¼” knurled handles
  • 12” long
  • 16” weight horns
  • Overall length of 88”
  • 24” between handles
  • 85lbs

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