Olympic Incline Bench w/ Weight Racks


The classic chest-building incline bench with weight racks for convenient storage for the piles of iron you'll be moving.

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Olympic Incline Bench w/ Weight Racks

As kids, we all used some pretty rinky dink equipment. I have used incline presses that rocked back and forth like a flimsy card table. You never knew of you were going to get a gym PR or flip that thing on its side if you tried to use any type of leg drive.

This one keeps you stable. The weight racks help and, when they are loaded, this bench is as stable as if you were pressing off of the Rock of Gibraltar.

This is a monstrosity, in a good way. Look at it. Enough weight storage for your entire gym. Diamond plate frame rails and spotter stands. Heavy duty 2.5" x 2.5" powder-coated frame.

You know what else I hated from back in the day? Having to hunt around for plates. It got so bad that you didn't care if they matched. A close approximation of a 45 was fine. Having weight racks on many of the units has eliminated that hassle.

This incline bench could survive a communist invasion, and probably fend it off single-handedly. Adjustable j-hooks assure you a perfect liftoff, while the correctly-angled bench ensures that you feel as stable as possible during your press.

Enjoy the upgrades this bench provides. You've earned it!

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